Impacted wisdom teeth can be one of the most painful things a person can endure. If you’re having pains, the bad news is they’re probably only going to get worse. The good news is we offer wisdom teeth removal surgery. Most people have four Wisdom teeth, and they don’t come through until usually the late teens. If they become impacted then the pain is only the first sign of trouble…

Wisdom teeth removal is the best answer to this problem, as they will most likely become infected. There is a follicle of soft tissue around the crown of the tooth which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If this becomes infected, then the pain can become unbearable, not to mention swelling, jaw stiffness and bad breath. At this point, Wisdom teeth removal is basically the only option.

Wisdom Teeth can also push other teeth out of the way as they come through. This is called “crowding”, and is not only painful, but can cause your existing teeth to go crooked. Another side effect of impacted Wisdom teeth are cysts. Cysts are sacks of fluid that form around the tooth, and can become infected, eating away at the jaw bone. Nasty stuff, which is why we recommend wisdom teeth removal as soon as possible, before things get worse.

Surgery for wisdom teeth removal isn’t as frightening as it sounds. We’ll take a look first using x-rays, and then discuss with you what needs to happen. If your impacted tooth has become infected, then we may need to hold off on the surgery until you can have a course of antibiotics to treat it. Once the decision has been made for wisdom teeth removal, then other discussions can take place, such as the type of anaesthesia we can use and the logistics of the surgery.

If you’re searching for wisdom teeth removal, then Lance West is the man to call.

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