People who have missing teeth may benefit from techniques that allow artificial teeth to be secured firmly in the mouth. These techniques are called dental implants, and range from replacing one single missing tooth, through to replacing most teeth in both upper and lower jaws.

Dental Implants have become an extremely important part of modern dentistry, and tens of millions of people, all over the world have had dental implants. Dental implants are made up of two basic components: the implant fixture and the prosthesis.

Implant: An implant fixture is inserted into the jaw bone to provide a base for supporting and attaching the prosthesis.

Prosthesis: A prosthesis is simply an artificial tooth, or in some cases, a full row of artificial teeth, attached to the implant. The prosthesis may be a “crown” to replace one missing tooth or a “bridge” to replace several missing teeth. In a jawbone with no teeth, the prosthesis covers almost the full dental arch. Some prosthesis with many teeth are fixed permanently onto the implants with screws or special cement. Other types of prosthesis can be taken out for daily cleaning. These are called “over-dentures”.

Dental implant designs, materials and techniques have improved greatly over the past couple of decades and are continuing to improve year on year. Many different types of dental implants and prosthesis are available for people with different needs. Implants may be made of different materials and implanted in different ways. Each have their own pros & cons, so you and your surgeon should discuss which is likely to be best for you.

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